The maximum dimensions of the image should not exceed 78mm high by 200mm width. This includes any area for a text message which we can insert if you wish. Ideally any text should be incorporated within your emailed design but we can add if required.

If the photo image is to be shown on one side of the mug only then the maximum width should not exceed 90mm. Please state what side of the mug you want the image placed, i.e. left or right handed. If the mug is held in your right hand and you can see the image then this is a right handed mug and left handed if the image image is facing you when held in your left hand.

Plate graphics will be trimmed into a 140mm circle for the larger plates and 125mm for the smaller ones.

Your image should be at a resolution of roughly 200 dpi at actual print size.

Photomugs can accept most file formats including:
Jpegs, Gifs, Pdf's, Tiffs, Png, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Photoshop, and Corel Draw. The most convenient is the Jpeg format as it keeps the size of the file smallerl and therefore download time is quicker.

  If you need any advice on this matter please phone on 020 8954 3383
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